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Crown Prince Has A Sweetheart CHAPTER LIST

Crown Prince Has A Sweetheart:

Read manhua Crown Prince Has A Sweetheart / 太子有位心上人 My name is Shen Yao. The noble ladies in the capital all envy me because my childhood friends are Crown Prince and many princes and marquises. But those were all an illusion as the most annoying person is the Crown Prince. He has disliked her since childhood and even wrote a letter of engagement annulment, try his best to not marry her……. Thus, Shen Yao decided to quit, and broke off the engagement! The Crown Prince was delighted for some time for breaking off the engagement, however…… Crown Prince: “Who is the girl who played polo with Jiang Er?” Crown Prince: “Who is the girl sitting at the same table with Fifth Brother?” Crown Prince: “Who is the girl who is studying together with Kang Yi?” Servant: “Replying Your Highness, she’s the lady of Minister of Military residence, Miss Shen Yao.” After breaking off the engagement, the Crown Prince couldn’t sleep soundly at night and could no longer forget the little green plum/little girl that used to follow him.
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