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I Have 48 Hours Everyday Day CHAPTER LIST
  • I Have 48 Hours Everyday Day

    Alternative : Wo De Yitian You 48 Xiaoshi ; Associated Names ; 48 Hours a Day ; I Have 48 Hours a Day ; I Have 48 Hours Everyday's Day ; Wǒ De Yītiān Yǒu 48 Xiǎoshí ; 我的一天有48小时
  • Author(s) : Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep 06, 01:00
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 5.400.000
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Martial arts, Shounen, Manhua
  • 4.5

I Have 48 Hours Everyday Day:

"The God of Time-Cronus gave the man Zhang Heng a magical gift. After 0:00 every day, the world stays still, and Zhang Heng will get an additional 24 hours! In exchange, he have to be the agent of the God of Time and need to participate in the Monthly dangerous games: Desert Island Survival [task goal: Survive for 40 days] Tokyo Drift [task goal: win the championship of the underground modified car competition] As Zhang Heng keeps on winning the game time and time again, he is gradually approaching the goal- known as the truth of the world."
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