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Ingram’s Lantern CHAPTER LIST
  • Ingram’s Lantern

    Alternative : Ingram’s Lantern / Ingram's Lamp / 잉그람의 등불
  • Author(s) :
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul 10, 04:00
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  • view : 776.000
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance
  • 4.6

Ingram’s Lantern:

Read manhwa Ingram’s Lantern / Ingram’s Lamp / 잉그람의 등불 An ordinary girl meets an extraordinary mage. Asha lives a hard life with her alcoholic father. That is, until the day she meets a mysterious stranger who whisks her away and gives her everything she could ever want. Who is he? Why is he so kind? And why does he look at her as if he knows her? Asha wonders what secrets their past holds.
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